CU Denver Urban Bee Project


The CU Denver Urban Bee Project commenced May 2016 with a 20-hive apiary on a farm in Wheat Ridge, CO.  The bees were relocated to the CU Downtown campus in March 2017 to focus research on the urban environment.  They are currently located on the rooftop of the CU Student Commons building off of Speer and Larimer Streets. There are also research hives in three locations in Littleton, CO. Honey bees are docile creatures and unless they are messed with, will not harm you. They are also a keystone species in our environment and pollinate over a third of our crops, including those in the urban gardens around Denver! However, bees are in significant decline due to several environmental and human factors. Therefore, the projects goals are to both educate and find ways of sustainably and safely caring for bees in the Denver urban environment.


The long-term goals of the project are to:

  • Conduct research on beekeeper practices, bee health and foraging patterns in the urban and suburban environment.
  • Educate CU students, staff, and the community about the interdependence of pollinators and human food sources, and modeling best-practice methods in the management of honeybee hives in populated locations along the CO Front Range.
  • Collaborate with university, public and private groups on honey bee sustainability and management, and food production.

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CU Denver Urban Bee Project

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